Hellooo! I’m an 18 year old living in Dubai, UAE & am a university student, just finished my first year at university. I’m always reading a book, either on my phone or as a physical copy. 90% of the time, I’m reading 2 books at a time: one on my phone & the other as a physical copy. Recently, for my university’s annual magazine I started writing book reviews & I really enjoyed it. I love reading & I’m always reading something so I decided to just start a blog where I can give you guys my thoughts & ratings on the books I read. My favourite genres are young adult, contemporary, fiction, romance, mystery & thriller. I’m always open to suggestions on books to read so let me know!

My uploading schedule will be Tuesdays & Saturdays, if for some reason i’m unable to upload on one of those days, the book review will be uploaded the next day!

Email me: thebookierookieblog@gmail.com

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