Shaun Hume – Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith“No one ever survives an encounter with a White Wraith. When you see one of them face to face, it’s the last thing you ever see.”

Shawn Hume is an Australian born author of 3 novels. He wrote his first story, titled “The Stagecoach Robbery”, at the age of 6 & has been making stories ever since. Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith is described as an anti-dote for Harry Potter withdrawals. The story is of a young boy named Ewan Pendle. He’s really weird according to what everyone tells him. Then again, seeing creatures that others cannot see isn’t exactly normal. Thinking he has been moved to live with his 11th foster family in London, Ewan is instead told that he is from an ancient race of people that can see the real creatures that roam the Earth. He is taken in by Enola, a mysterious sword carrying Grand Master of Firedrake Lyceum, a complex structure of halls & rooms in the middle of London where other children, like Ewan, go to the learn the ways of the Creatures.

Disclaimer: I received this eBook for free in exchange for a book review, it has in no way had any influence on my review.

This book, from the get go, gave me Harry Potter vibes. I would recommend it to all those Harry Potter fans out there, it does remind me of Harry Potter but it is not one of those books that may you go “oh it’s just the same story with different characters”. It’s different in its own special way. Firedrake has 5 cliques (reminding me of the 4 houses in HP): Witch (magic), Pyros (explosives), Stealth (you could say ninjas), Vanguard (swordsmen) & Martial (martial arts); each of the cliques was different in its own way & the Grand Masters would decide who goes to which clique depending on their performances in Grade 1.

The book follows the trio, Ewan, Mathilde & Enid through their journey to & in Firedrake Lyceum. The book starts off with a prologue in which someone is in the Queen’s home, going towards the Queen’s chamber when she is stopped by the voices of the Queen & another man talking about the current threats against the Queen. Then the book starts with Ewan’s story, his background, his life at the Doe’s household. From there forth, his journey to Firedrake begins. The book gives a wonderful background & introduction to each of the main characters, showing their lives back at home & how they were recruited to Firedrake. The book is really well written but it does have editing errors, but they weren’t something that you couldn’t overlook. I love the friendship that develops between the three, getting in trouble & fighting for what’s right together. They are so different in terms of their personalities yet they fit perfectly together. One thing that I kept forgetting throughout the book was that the characters are 11-12 years old & I just kept assuming that they were 16-17 years old, but it didn’t really make that big of an impact on me imagining the story. I loved the idea of the White Wraiths, the creatures that are the most dangerous, once you see one, you’re dead. When Ewan & his friends realise the assassination threats against their Queen which have been made twice & failed, they decide to prevent another one. I would REALLY REALLY love to read Ewan, Mathilde & Enid’s journey ahead. It was one of those books that I didn’t want to stop reading & eventually had to force myself to put it down & sleep.

Rating: 💎💎💎💎


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