Paula Hawkins – The Girl On The Train

IMG_5759“I’m afraid not just of what I might learn about that Saturday night, but so much more. I’m not sure I could bear to relive the stupid, awful things I’ve done, to hear the words I said in spite, to remember the look on Tom’s face as I said them. I’m too afraid to venture into that darkness.”

Paula Hawkins is a British author best known for her bestselling psychological thriller The Girl on The Train, the novel has been made into a major motion picture starring Emily Blunt. The book deals with 3 main women, Rachel, Megan & Anna portraying 3 main themes of an alcoholic, drug abuse & domestic violence. Rachel is one of the many people using the same commuter train every morning & night. Every day, she passes a stretch of homes & stops at a signal that allows her to watch the same couple starting their days on their deck. Jess & Jason, as she calls them, are the perfect couple, living the perfect life unlike the life she recently lost. Until the one day she sees something shocking that changes everything. Suddenly, she can’t keep to herself & is now a part of a police investigation.

Rachel finds Megan (or Jess as she called her) to be perfect, happily married to a handsome man. On the day, Rachel sees Megan on her balcony in the arms of another man that wasn’t Scott, her image of a perfect couple is shattered. After a day of heavy drinking, Rachel wakes up to find herself injured & bloody with absolutely no memory of the night before except the feeling of certainty that she has done something wrong. Soon after, she learns that one of the headlines today is that Megan is missing, added to that she went missing from the area that Rachel was in the previous night. The police question Rachel as part of the investigation into Megan’s disappearance after Anna reports to the Police that she saw Rachel in the area staggering drunk. Rachel’s interest in the case increases, she contacts the police to report that she believes Megan was having an affair with another man. The story continues with Rachel becoming deeply tangled in the case & continuously failing her attempts at restricting her heavy drinking. As revelations come around, Rachel discovers the truth leading to Tom, her ex-husband confessing that he in fact did murder Megan. At the end, Rachel & Anna kill Tom & when the police show up, they coordinate their stories of acting in self-defence.

The book is totally a psychological thriller written very well (reminded me very much of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn), I read the book twice. It was interesting that none of the characters could be trusted, you could not let yourself love any character. Looking at Jess & Jason, Rachel imagined a perfectly happy couple but Megan & Scott had their skeletons in a closet, their dark secrets that no one else knew. We never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Rating: 💎💎💎💎


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