Nora Roberts – The Witness

The Witness“I should start by saying my name isn’t Abigail Lowery. Technically, it’s Elizabeth Fitch. When I was sixteen I witnessed, a man named Yakov Korotkii, who is a lieutenant in the Volkov crime organisation, murder his cousin Alexi Gurevich and my friend, Julie Masters.”

Nora Roberts is an American bestselling author of more than 213 novels. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print. The Witness is a contemporary, romance, mystery, fiction book about a girl named Elizabeth, aged 16, rebelling against her mother’s strict controls & demands. She lets loose by going to a nightclub & allowing a man with a seductive Russian accent to take her to his home on Lake Shore Drive. The events that take place that night change her life forever. 12 years later, the book follows the live of a woman known as Abigail Lowery who lives on the outskirts of Ozarks. As a freelance programmer, she creates high level security systems & ensures her own security with a dog & several firearms. She avoids getting close to anyone & revealing anything about herself. Her reservations only intrigue the Police Chief Brooks Gleason. Her logical thinking, protective, secretive nature & unromantic point of views only add to his fascination & frustration. He suspects that Abigail is running from something from her past which is the cause behind her secretive personality.

The book is divided into two sub parts that portrays the story from different points in time. It starts off with Elizabeth’s point of view where the readers can experience the backstory of the entire book. What her mother was like, the steps she took to rebel against her mother & all the traumatising events that follow. I was so into the book during this part, I did not want to stop reading it! The second part of the book follows the life of Abigail Lowery, from 12 years later. When that part first started, I kind of got confused for a bit because I had forgotten the synopsis (got so into it, I know). After re-reading the synopsis I realised & was like OHHH okay. Anyways, part 2 goes into the details of Abigail’s life displaying her going to high levels to ensure her security & privacy. Acting upon his fascination, Brooks attempts to break through Abigail’s walls & get her to talk to him, to let him get to know her. Thinking that all he’s after is sex, Abigail thinks that after one time he would leave but to her surprise, he doesn’t. Instead he keeps pushing at her & eventually worming his way into her heart. Eventually their relationship reaches a level that Abigail feels that she should let Brooks know what he’s getting into, aka revealing the story behind her constant need to stay behind the walls of her home. Their journey on getting justice for all those that had died that eventful night & taking down the Volkov crime organisation. The book is greatly written, every part of it is amazing. Although towards the ending, I really wished that maybe Abigail could’ve reunited with her mother but knowing how her mother was, I kind of understand her not wanting to return any control in the hands of her mother. I loved how smart Brooks was & figured out that there is something going on that Abigail is hiding from & yet he stayed by her side, supported her, understood her & most importantly, loved her greatly.

Rating: 💎💎💎💎


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