Danielle Steel – The Sins of The Mother

The Sins of The Mother Cover

“Mom would be so proud of how far you’ve come.”

Danielle Steel is currently world’s 4th best-selling author of all time. Many of her books have involved families having a crisis, threatened by bad news such as fraud, prison etc. The Sins of The Mother is a women’s fiction & a romance creation. The Sins of The Mother is about women like Olivia Grayson making difficult choices in life. The story is about an enormously growing businesswoman, Olivia Grayson, who misses out on the lives of her children while she builds her legendary business empire. While running the business, Olivia tries to mend her relationship with her children. As a way of doing so, Olivia plans an extravagant vacation for the entire family every year to a location that is a surprise to the rest of the family. This year, she plans a trip in the Mediterranean on a luxurious yacht. After the death of her husband & the father of her children, Olivia realises how much her children have grown & how much she has missed of their lives. Her youngest daughter, Cassie, has become estranged from the family since the passing of her father as she blames her mother for his death. Her oldest daughter, Liz, lives with a constant fear of failure as compared to the rest of her siblings & her successful mother. Her sons, John & Phillip work for The Factory (the business Olivia runs) although their wives wish they didn’t. Just as family relationships are difficult, Olivia had a tough time mending the fence with her children but she tries her very best on the holiday. She learns so many things about her children & grandchildren on & after the trip, surprising her own children with how good she is with her grandchildren.

The book really portrayed Olivia as a woman that gives up her precious time with her children for running & ensuring that The Factory becomes as successful as she wants it to be just so she can be sure of the future & well-being of her children. Her support, understanding, morals & patience were strong points in building her character. The book was good but the entire time I kept hoping for drama, something more serious than what’s in the book, a big plot twist of sorts but was disappointed. I loved how she tried to mend her relationship with her children with accepting her mistakes, regretting some of her choices & respecting her children for who they are. As a mother, she supported Liz when she felt that she was once again going down the road of failure by being supportive of her career. She encouraged all her children to follow their passions, their heart, to follow their instincts. A good story but hoped for some more intensity, more drama or just a big plot twist.

Rating: 💎💎💎


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