Sophie McKenzie – Close My Eyes

Sophie McKenzie – Close My Eyes

“I’m still getting my head around it. After all, this is what I wanted.”

Sophie McKenzie is a best-selling author for young adult books. She has won several awards for her writing as a suspense & fiction writer. Close My Eyes is a thriller, suspense fiction work that talks about an intense grief that would be every woman or mother-to-be’s greatest nightmare. Close My Eyes expresses the story of a mother, Geniver Loxley, who lost her daughter, Beth, 8 years ago. Despite the love & support from her husband, Art, who’s building a business reputation & fortune, Geniver is just not able to let go of Beth. One day, Geniver gets a visit from a woman that claims that the one thing that Beth wishes for the most, has come true: Beth is alive. Geniver’s day & nights become a whirlwind of hope, shock & fear. Despite what her friends & family say, Geniver follows her gut & begins the journey of getting back her daughter if she truly is alive.

Why was she told her baby was stillborn if she truly is alive? Who’s behind it all? Why is Art being so reluctant, is he just trying to protect his wife? What is the truth behind Beth Loxley?

Reading Close My Eyes took me 2 days, I could not put it down. The book is written from Geniver’s perception (the mother) which makes reading her pain, her sadness & her hope twice as strong. Throughout the book there are pages of italic writing that are not explained until the very last page, those pages are diary entries by Ed who talks about his life & in the last one he talks about how his mom was right that a bad lady is coming & will take him away. Art makes Geniver feel like she’s having a mental breakdown or is just imagining things where there aren’t when she tries to bring up the topic of the chances of their baby being alive. Sophie makes her readers question every character in the book by inducing paranoia & tension between characters throughout the book. I loved the way that Sophie changes the perception of characters such as Art from a well-respected businessman to something entirely different. It may be just me, but I really did not expect for Morgan to be behind it all, that was one hell of a plot twist. Addition to that, the story of Morgan & Art was just as jaw-dropping & something I was really not expecting. In the book, when Charlotte repeatedly calls, shows up at Geniver & Art’s place, constant questioning & being in Art’s area made me feel like she could be the one behind it all or at least that Art was cheating on Geniver. The book is really great, especially for those of us book lovers that relish in suspense & thriller genres. Totally recommend it!

Rating: 💎💎💎💎


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